A re-look on first impressions & visual identity through design

iGene Laboratory approached us with intentions to update its brand look to be more in line with its industry. The website design was outdated, as were the business cards that they had for CEOs and staff. Having previously done the parent iNEX Innovate website, iNEX wanted to engage us again to revamp their subsidiary company, iGene Laboratory.

iNEX Innovations


  • Business Card Design
  • Website Design
  • Programming & Development
  • Refreshed corporate branding
  • Video banner
  • Modern icons
  • Animated sections

Project Focus

Understanding the company’s target audience, competitors & also future visions

It was important that the design accurately positions iGene Laboratory exactly where they wanted to be in the future. The new design should carve out iGene Laboratory as a cutting-edge and modern clinical laboratory, in-trend with the newest technologies. That’s why we went for a clean, yet vibrant and energetic look, while still keeping in line with iGene’s brand colour.

Creating a self-sustainable system, that allows the client to maintain their own website

Our focus with building this website was to allow the client the ability to edit the layout, post articles and updates easily without any programming knowledge. User-friendliness, not only on the front-end, but also back-end.