Revamp, refresh and rebuild on a new platform

Almost 7 years ago, Hello Pomelo designed Gymsportz’s first website on popular e-commerce platform Prestashop. In 2022, Gymsportz decided that it wanted to switch to Shopify, with a brand new look and design and once again, picked Hello Pomelo as their partners.



  • Shopify Website
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Migration of data from Prestashop to Shopify
  • Theme development on Shopify
  • Product carousels
  • Modern product page
  • Multiple payment methods including credit cards, GrabPay, Shopback & more.

Project Focus

Migrating the large amount of sensitive data, accumulated through the years with minimum downtime

The most complex part of the project was to migrate the huge database that had been built from Gymsportz’ years in business. This included over 50,000 database entries that needed to be moved from Prestashop to Shopify. As the shop was live and doing business, it was also integral that the downtime was minimal.

Better user-friendliness, more marketing tricks & a less technical admin dashboard

Gymsportz wanted a simpler to use admin dashboard, and picked Shopify as their solution. While Prestashop was robust and more powerful, Shopify came out tops as the better e-commerce solution for a team that doesn’t have an in-house programmer.