Brand strategy & visual identity to support a drive in positive change in the recruitment industry in Japan

goji is a brand-new startup aiming to bring positive change to the recruitment industry in Japan. Companies in Japan are facing hiring challenges due to an ageing population and a shrinking workforce. When facing non-traditional challenges you cannot use a traditional approach to hiring. goji (5-oclock in Japanese) aims to provide a platform where employers can reach out to experienced, vetted freelancers.

Goji Group


  • Logo
  • Customized WordPress Website
  • Brand Discovery & Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Custom-built CMS for managing Talent Profiles
  • Advanced filter and search features

Project Focus

Understanding the essence of why goji exists, who it helps

goji isn’t just any recruitment company – they’re trailblazers charting through a fast-paced, hardworking society that has overlooked workers who are older or returning from maternity. goji hopes to provide these overlooked workers who are otherwise rich in experience, opportunities to contribute to society and earn extra income in their free time (basically, after five!).

Simple, straight-forward UI that keeps goji’s target audience in mind

We designed the website with the target audience in mind. goji’s target audience will mostly be older in age, therefore we ensured that the website is not unnecessarily complex, fonts are large enough, and the flow is easy to use and understand.