Expanding the Aodigy brand to showcase its expertise in the latest technology

Aodigy is a tech company, highly-experienced, dynamic and agile. Aodigy delivers quick turnkey modern customer engagement solutions on the Salesforce platform. They also needed a website that better reflects their company values.

Aodigy Pte Ltd


  • Design Conceptualisation
  • Website Design
  • Programming & Development
  • Dark Look
  • Animated hero banner

Project Focus

When the client loves Star Wars!

Part of our customized design services included listening to requests from our clients on what they would like. In Aodigy’s case, the co-founders are big fans of Star Wars and wanted elements of it in their website. Without making it too in your face, we had to think of ways to incorporate sci-fi elements into a modern website for a tech company.

Something that sets Aodigy apart from its competitors

We needed something that would shock and awe Aodigy’s website visitors, and something that would set it apart as unique from their competitors who are providing similar services.