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Are you feeling uninspired by your website lately? When was the last time you gave your website a brand new makeover? Have you updated your site recently? If your answer is “quite some time ago”, then let’s face it, your website needs an update or a brand new look. Before we move on, here are a few things to consider if you are unsure of where or how to get your website back to it’s former glory.

Try Simple Designs

One of the problems we face ourselves is trying to over impress with over the top layouts or interesting elements and features. But each time we get going, we are held back with the planning and redesign of content structure. This forces us to dedicate time create designs that we are satisfied with. Having to go through the same process will tire you out and eventually, you will put it all on hold.

Follow the KISS principle. Keep It Simple, Stupid. Keeping the layout simple, clean and easy to navigate allows you to concentrate on pushing out content faster. Classic girds with proportionate content with a good sense of white space keeps it neat and easy for your viewers to digest your content. If your visitors are bored of your look, it might be possible that had too much to being with. The next time you give your website a makeover, you could consider if a clean and minimalist design is suitable for you and your content.

We All Love Fresh Content

It is important to remember that fresh content is a sure way to attract your viewers or customers. Stay relevant by posting content that is engaging of late and your visitors are bound to return.