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Are you a website owner who feels helpless when it comes to editing or updating your own website? Perhaps everything was hardcoded and you now lack the flexibility to make any changes.

At Hello Pomelo, the core of everything that we build begins with self-reliance and independance. This means that in every step of the design, we put ourselves in your shoes and think about the solution from a layman point-of-view.

The ultimate goal is to have the client self-reliant, and empowered into managing and controlling their own website!

Some of our strategy for this includes:

  • Drag-and-drop pagebuilders to facilitate beautiful page building
  • Custom Post Types based on our client’s unique requirements, which allows clients to add/edit/delete other types of content apart from blog posts eg. Team Members, Resources, Links, etc.
  • Hello Pomelo-approved plugins to help with features/functions (only the best ones that we have ourselves used and loved)
  • Utilizing as many of WordPress’ in-built features where possible eg. Menus, Widgets.
  • (Almost) Nothing hardcoded! (In rare instances, we might have to hardcode certain things, but we will always explain why we have to do it to the client.)

We try our very best to empower our clients to manage and handle the websites themselves where they can, however, there will be some instances where it might get too technical regardless and everyone has different levels of comfortability with handling websites. That’s why we also provide complimentary 6 month maintenance / warranty to all the websites we build, so that we can help and guide you through the first 6 months of your website journey. And after that? You can choose to continue enlisting our help if you wish to focus your time on more pressing issues, so you’ll never have to feel alone.

Feeling a little bit braver at taking the first step? Email us for a quick chat!