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The first thing to think about when you are building a website is to have a solid foundation for your website’s “home”. Your website’s files have to reside somewhere, and this is where hosting companies come in. Over the years as web designers and developers, we have worked with a huge variety of hosting companies each with their own pros/cons and quality of service.

There’s so many hosting companies out there. How do you know which one is best for you without trying them all?

Don’t worry, we’ve done all of that for you and here’s our secret!

So what host is our own website on?


We moved to WPEngine when our last host was just not working out for us. Slow speeds, frustrating support  (even for us developers) and ever-rising costs made the migration a no-brainer. WPEngine comes with a beautiful backend user interface, Production/Staging/Development environments that you can backup super easily even as a non-techy person and the site feels so much faster automatically.

Explore WPEngine’s plans here! We are on the Startup WordPress Hosting plan. Bonus, you’ll also get 4 months free!

If you need some assistance or advice on which plans to get, we’ll be happy to provide complimentary assistance. Just drop us an email!